Dutch energy market highlights for Q1 2015


In this article, Sia Partners has selected the most relevant Dutch energy market news and developments of the first quarter of 2015 for you.


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L’histoire se répète – Gas in Groningen, Coal from Limburg?


The production of natural gas in the Netherlands lies under pressure. Frequent earthquakes caused by decades of gas extraction in Groningen have severely damaged many buildings, which gave rise to a debate on safety and the distribution of our (gas-financed) wealth. Many parties demand that gas extraction in the region will be strongly cut back, but is this really an option?


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Actions to prevent the West European electricity from getting ‘blown’ out of balance

With surging levels of intermittent renewable energy sources coming online in Western Europe, market parties are struggling with their grid balancing responsibility. In energy-only markets balancing responsibility can be commercialized on the day-ahead, intraday and ancillary services market, in addition to providing reserve and regulation capacity to the TSO. In order to stay in business, forecasting and optimization processes should be under control. Moreover, additional business case opportunities lie in demand response and storage techniques as well as in capacity markets.

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New Pricing Strategies in the Dutch Energy Market


As a result of the intensified competition that followed the liberalization of the retail power sector in 2004, the traditional business model of utilities is losing ground. Alongside complementary products and services aimed at saving energy, power retailers now try to increase revenue with new pricing models.  But how do these new value-based pricing models work? And why would they be successful?


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Solar eclipse of March 20, 2015: What impact on Belgian and European electricity networks?


The partial eclipse of March 20, 2015 could represent an important test for European network operators and for the coordination among them. Indeed, Friday’s partial eclipse will imply a sudden shift in photovoltaic production (a reduction followed by a rapid rise of production) which might potentially disturb the European electricity network.  


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Modular nuclear reactors, a promising market for the future?


Since the entry into service of the first nuclear reactors, the main manufacturers – with Westinghouse and AREVA in the lead – had focused their efforts on the race for power. Their strategy consisted in reducing the production cost per megawatt-hour while benefiting from scale effects. They aimed to make nuclear energy more competitive in comparison with other basic and semi-basic production sources.



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Shape Your Future in Energy (3rd edition) – Power ON or Power OFF?


For the third year in a row, Sia Partners and Elia collaborate to organize the writing competition Shape Your Future in Energy. This contest is open to all Master students from Belgian universities. The winner receives a €2,000 prize and gets his/her article published in Trends-Tendances.


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Transmission and distribution system operators, a strategic asset waking up investors’ appetite


Since 1996, Europe has adopted three energy packages, which have generalized the unbundling of the production, supply and management activities of the transmission and distribution systems. In many countries, those changes have deeply modified the TSOs’ operation and shareholder structure.


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Transition Through Innovation – Natural gas as a fuel

As oil fuels will reduce their market share in the coming years, alternatives will be needed for road and maritime transportation. Natural gas will be key in the energy transition.

Sia Partners supported GRTgaz, the French natural gas TSO, in building the “Natural gas as a fuel” case study of the “Transition Through Innovation” report. This report was published by R20, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s NGO, and presented in New Delhi on February 5th, 2015.


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Demand Response : A study of its potential in Europe

According to the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E), Europe could lack up to 47 GW generation capacities by 2020. This significant figure reflects the tough economic conditions faced by power plant operators. Market spreads on futures markets are often negative for baseload & mid-merit gas-fired generation units. This uncertainty leads to put on hold investment decisions.
In this perspective, market operators and authorities have started looking for a few years at the other side of the market: the demand. Raising this question: What if retail consumers could also delay or even reduce their consumption? Recent pilots and market developments have proved that this is feasible. But to what extent?
In this article, Sia Partners proposes a possible answer by gaining a glimpse into the potential of Demand Response at both European & Belgian levels.

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