Highlights of the developments on the Dutch Energy Market


In this article, Sia Partners has selected the most relevant Dutch energy market news and developments of the Q3 2014 for you. 

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A refreshing helicopter view on the Dutch energy market by Ferd Crone

This summer Sia Partners interviewed the mayor of Leeuwarden on economic theories, evaluation of the liberalization of the Dutch energy market and the role for the European Commission on energy policies. Ferd Crone is considered one of the main drivers behind the Dutch energy market liberalization. 

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Risk management vs. (group) profit optimization – what will prevail?

This quarter Sia Partners has investigated the risk management policies of several Dutch utilities. The key challenge we observed is that utilities want to increase financial group performance while exercising a professional risk management strategy.  This article reflects on this tension area from an organizational, process and system perspective. 

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Out with L-gas and in with H-gas in NWE

The Dutch gas production is limited to 42,5 BCM in 2014 and will drop down to 40 BCM in 2015 and 2016. These quantities will be sufficient to meet domestic demand, but a severe drop in export of gas towards neighboring countries is to be expected. In this article Sia Partners elaborates on the impact of this Dutch gas production decline at our neighbors.

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Oil Industry majors facing up to post-oil financing – Unconventional resources and biofuels lead the way

Following the economic and financial crisis that began in late 2008, oil majors have revised their strategies and refocused their efforts on their core business : hydrocarbons exploration and production. After a brief decline in 2009, majors have since resumed with greater intensity their investments which increased by 12.4% per year on average. These are mainly directed towards upstream activities whose share in total investment in the pace of four years increased from 79 to 85% on average.

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Concentrated Solar Power: overview and perspectives

 The solar energy transmitted on earth exceeds about 11 000 times the worldwide energy demand, evaluated at 12.5 billion Toe[1] in 2012. Even if photovoltaic is the leader as regards as the solar electricity generation, other solutions still exist.

Especially adapted to highly sunny regions, the Concentrated Solar Power technology (CSP) offers numerous perspectives for the coming years.

What are the features of the CSP and its specificities compared to the photovoltaic? Who are the market stakeholders? What about the main challenges and perspectives for the developing technology?

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Mid-Term Generation Adequacy in Belgium

The Belgian energy landscape is going through a critical transition. As a consequence of the ever increasing share of renewables, conventional gas-fired power plants are becoming increasingly unprofitable. The announced closure of many CCGTs in combination with uncertainty about Doel 3 and Tihange 2 and the approaching nuclear phase-out endangers security of supply. Indeed, over the next years it becomes increasingly questionable whether sufficient generation capacity will be available to cover electricity demand. This Sia Partners’ study details the decline in generation capacity over the coming years and forecasts the impact on security of supply over the period 2014-2016 under the assumption that Doel 3 and Tihange 2 won’t start again.

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Highlights of Dutch Energy Market developments

Dear reader,
Our second digital (email service based) newsletter is released again, our summer edition 2014.
With the change of format of our newsletter, I will confine myself to the latest developments we see in the Dutch energy market and internal NL Sia developments.

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Energy utilities: a changing portfolio

A lot has already been written about the increasingly challenging and competitive environment in which EU utilities are currently operating. The latest activities undertaken by major EU energy players, and Dutch ones in specific, triggered Sia Partners to make an impact-analysis of this behavior on their portfolios. This article aims to provide an overview of how EU power majors adjusted their strategies, and how their portfolios have been transformed as a consequence of their strategic moves.

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Continuous improvement is always a viable choice

Implementation of the legislation REMIT, energy prices and margins spiraling downwards, consumers becoming prosumers, upcoming decision of Dutch Lower House on the “splitsingwet” for DELTA and Eneco, brand new delivered power plants already in the mothballs, consolidation of grid operators; these are just illustrations that it is never a dull moment in the energy business.

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