Transition Through Innovation – Natural gas as a fuel

As oil fuels will reduce their market share in the coming years, alternatives will be needed for road and maritime transportation. Natural gas will be key in the energy transition.

Sia Partners supported GRTgaz, the French natural gas TSO, in building the “Natural gas as a fuel” case study of the “Transition Through Innovation” report. This report was published by R20, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s NGO, and presented in New Delhi on February 5th, 2015.

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Demand Response : A study of its potential in Europe

According to the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E), Europe could lack up to 47 GW generation capacities by 2020. This significant figure reflects the tough economic conditions faced by power plant operators. Market spreads on futures markets are often negative for baseload & mid-merit gas-fired generation units. This uncertainty leads to put on hold investment decisions.
In this perspective, market operators and authorities have started looking for a few years at the other side of the market: the demand. Raising this question: What if retail consumers could also delay or even reduce their consumption? Recent pilots and market developments have proved that this is feasible. But to what extent?
In this article, Sia Partners proposes a possible answer by gaining a glimpse into the potential of Demand Response at both European & Belgian levels.

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Belgium: Left out of marine energy development in Europe?


More than 70% of our planet’s surface is in constant movement. The water that covers it is subject to numerous forces: wind blow, moon attraction, solar radiance, etc. This significant ever-moving mass represents a promising renewable energy source. On top of its large potential, marine energy also has a valuable characteristic: some of its technologies exhibit a very low or at least easily predictable intermittency.

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Recommendations for a smart metering success

The large-scale rollout of the smart meter in the Netherlands is just around the corner, starting in 2015. Many (European) countries have carried out pilot projects, while some have already completed the rollout. In this article, we draw the lessons learned from international smart metering projects and provide valuable recommendations to Dutch grid operators and market players for the large-scale rollout in the Netherlands.

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Dutch energy market highlights for Q4 2014


In this article, Sia Partners has selected the most relevant Dutch energy market news and developments of the fourth quarter of 2014 for you. 


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No time to waste, get your data under control


Non-competitive tasks in the domain of Energy Data Management ask for central orchestration to reduce costs for the sector as a whole. Subsequently, utilities can focus on their competitive activities, where disruptive technologies should be utilized as a lever for determining who is the best Utility 2.0 in class.


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The CIO to pave the way to Utility 2.0


Over the past decades the importance of information and the role of IT within organisations has exponentially increased. The “utility” CIO specifically faces challenges from a meter data perspective. In this article, Sia Partners focuses on the role of information management and explains its brand new CIO advisory offering.


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Outlook for the development of offshore wind power in the North Sea

Thanks to its hydrocarbon deposits, the North Sea occupied a key place in the global energy landscape since the first oil shock in 1973. Despite the drastic diminution of fossil reserves the region has managed to keep a strong position in that energy landscape through its renewable resources. Indeed, wind farms have multiplied in the North Sea since the 2000s and projects allowing electricity storage, such as “Power-to-Gas” (P2G), are emerging. Collaborations between the countries bordering the sea are being developed in order to optimize resource exploitation. Beyond the proliferation of projects, what is the real potential of the North Sea in the energetic transition? And how do bordering countries organize themselves to tap the resources?

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“No Blackout On Energy Poverty” – An Interview Of Pascale Taminiaux


Sia Partners had the opportunity to interview Pascale Taminiaux, who is in charge of the energy poverty projects at the King Baudouin Foundation. She spoke about the role of the Foundation regarding energy poverty and commented on the current situation in Belgium.

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