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Shape Your Future in Energy 2nd Edition - Winning articles

Dear Reader,
We are very proud to present you the winning articles of the contest 'Shape your Future in Energy'.

Below you can access the winning articles and discover students' innovative opinions on this year's subject "Innovations that will shape our energy future. What's next?".

This second edition was a real success and we would like to thank all the students who participated and the jury members for their well appreciated comments!

We wish you a pleasant reading.

See you next year!


First Prize

Martin Arnaud - Eolien: L'avenir se joue en altitude

Second Prize

Thomas Boucheron - How Google will shape our future in energy

Third Prize

Louis Philippo - Hoe de elektrische wagen ons licht's avonds aanhoudt

Fourth Prize

Asad Khalid Raja - Space Solar Power Systems - Fiction or reality?

Fifth Prize

Wouter Janssen - From power to gas: SNG technology

Sixth Prize

Pascale Paulus - Energy storage and Synthetic Natural Gas

Seventh Prize

Clara Waelkens - Onconventionele olie- en gasbronnen: de hoop voor de toekmost

Eighth Prize

Kombo Ekra Noel N'guessan - Salinity gradient energy


Nicolas Lorio - Oubliez les fils et optez pour un transfert d'énergie à distance

Tenth Prize

Carl Bequé - Ontwerp van beslissingsmodel: Bestaat er een optimale energiekeuze


Winning articles


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