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The Lubricants Market : Opportunities, threats, and outlook for a high-profitability product


Lubricants are largely known to the wider public for their applications in the automotive sector. However, they are also widely used in a large range applications in the industry where they play a central role in reducing energy costs and losses. The current situation of the market, estimated at $148 Billion, and the positive growth perspectives in the medium term are a boon to the major oil companies that are diversifying their portfolios with this high value-added product. Nevertheless, perspectives of technological evolutions and the inevitable toughening of environmental regulations. 

Sia Partners reviews in this study the fundamentals allowing to understand the complexity of the lubricants market. This analysis presents the overall situation of this market in 2017 and its medium-and long- term growth perspectives. it aims to highlight the main drivers of the future market as well as to zoom on the current trends by segment, product and regions. Finally, Sia Partners evaluate the impact of the “Sustainable  development” scenario constructed by the International energy agency on the lubricants market by 2040.

Sia Partners gives you a quick overview an outlook of this complex market through its video. Find the full the study here.

Retrouvez la version française de l'étude ici

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Charlotte de Lorgeril

Associate Partner Energy & Environment

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