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Energy Press Review 24/04

Dear Reader,

Sia Partners is glad to share with you this new Energy Press Review. Do not hesitate to react on the subjects we decided to highlight for this new release.


In April, Belgian energy suppliers have decreased their prices again with 15% while fierce campaigns launched after the price freeze started months ago (see article 1). This decrease cannot be attributed to the beginning of spring as the fact that there is more sunshine does not have an impact on the end-consumer's electricity bill (see article 2).

Although wind industry grew importantly in 2012, studies suggest that less investments will be made in America and Europa while emerging markets will probably make more investments in wind capacities in 2013 (see article 3). Anyway, the historical energy producer/supplier in Belgium announced that it would invest more in wind capacities (see article 4) as a reaction to the nuclear phase-out that Belgium will face and the decreasing profitability of gas powerplants.

Anyway, this non-profitability could be offset by the controversial shale gas which exploitation could make the gas price decrease. Furthermore, five companies show interest in the shale gas located in Flanders and question the regulation concerning its exploration/exploitation (see article 5).

Finally, the debate about shale gas emitting greenhouse gases may be outdated given the surprising conclusion of a recent study conducted by NASA. This study states that the prediction of global temperature elevation caused by greenhouse gases could be simply wrong (see article 6).

Sources Energy Press Review 24-04-2013

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