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Energy Press Review 9/07

Dear Reader,

Sia Partners is glad to share with you the first summer edition of its Energy Press Review. Enjoy your reading !


For some days Europe and China are negotiating a compromise concerning the imports of Chinese solar panels sold at a very low price in Europe. Indeed, their production costs are said to be 45% lower while the sector is facing a crisis in Europe (see article 1). Besides, Siemens recently announced it would abandon this business line because of fierce Chinese competition (see article 2).

Further on renewables, GDF Suez recently announced a new optimisation strategy that consists in disinvesting from its renewable assets in order to generate cash and pay off its debt (see article 3). Nevertheless, €5,7 billion will still be invested in wind turbine until 2020 as revealed by a study conducted by Sia Partners (see article 4). More wind installed capacities might lead to the recent new phenomenon of negative electricity prices experienced in June on Belgian power stock exchange (see article 5). Later, additional capacities in Belgium will also soon consist in gas power plants given the recent adoption of the so called plan Wathelet by the Council of ministers (see article 6).

Unlike electricity, oil prices reached in June a new peak due mainly to political turmoil in the Middle East and Egypt (see article 7). Contrary to oil, main gas producers are not organised in a cartel (such as OPEC). Despite the inexistence of such organisation, most important gas producers met in Moscow to discuss the recent turmoil in gas market and align their strategy (see article 8).

Sources Sia Partners Press Review 09/07/2013

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