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Highlights of Dutch Energy Market developments

Dear reader,
Our second digital (email service based) newsletter is released again, our summer edition 2014.
With the change of format of our newsletter, I will confine myself to the latest developments we see in the Dutch energy market and internal NL Sia developments.


Highlights of Dutch Energy Market developments

First of all the integration between Joulz and Stedin. An understandable next step in the Operational Excellence exercise that many utilities undergo, like now Eneco Group. The integration is driven by a search for efficiency and dropping tariffs and should lead to a rationalization of 400 jobs.

Secondly more and more the actual starting date of the large scale roll-out of the smart meter gets closer. Energy suppliers and DSOs prepare intensively for this. Technology has been chosen, not all DSOs will roll out the same technologies, DSO implementation strategies are defined and suppliers decide what 'products' and services to accompany with the smart meter. The regulator (ACM) has published already a few months ago its findings on the small scale roll out which takes place already for more than a year and the Netherlands seems to be ready for the next step.

Third point that is worth mentioning is the conclusion we may take from the recent well organized Dutch Energy Day (by Energeia). It is clear that our sector is very proud of the achieved SER-'Energie-akkoord'. It is unique that so many stakeholders (up to 57!) have been able to reach a consensus on Dutch energy policy and reform for the coming decades. In the actual execution of the agreement there are still some attention points , for example the phasing out of the old coal-fired power plants and the responsibilities for municipalities (energy efficiency in built-up areas and the generation of energy locally), but the majority of points in the agreement will be executed.

What recently reached Dutch television was the interview with minister Henk Kamp in which he explains that our legislation should be altered to facilitate local energy generation (power/gas) initiated by collectives (e.g. a group of households, a group of farmers or even entrepreneurs on the same industry site). All those collective initiatives have a durable nature; investing in windmill(s), solar panel technology or green gas (bio mass). Two types of pilots (a smaller and a larger scale pilot) can be obtained already now by applicants for a decentral and/or collective energy production initiative, where in case the right criteria are met, some elements of the current legislation for this energy production can be ignored.

Talking about durability, the Netherlands starts to become a frontrunner in the adoption of the electric vehicle. Per capita there is enormous growth in numbers of Plug in Hybrids and vehicles that are 100% electric. Also the number of charging stations has grown significantly over the past year.

Figure 1: Number of registered electric vehicles in The Netherlands

Figure 2: Number of charging stations in The Netherlands (excluding private charging stations)

A last news item worth mentioning I found is the 'deal' GasTerra and Eneco made to, at the time of any transaction, link the gas price negotiated between both companies to the actual wind force.

We will see more of this new smart types of pricing between clients and suppliers, eventually also turning to smart deals on household level!

Internal Sia Netherlands developments

In our Dutch office two facts are to be mentioned related to Resourcing, one is the start of a new Manager per May 1st for our practice Energy & Utilities - Tim Levert. Tim has 10 years of consulting experience and his previous employer was Alliander. He will be responsible to develop a team of consultants in the area of LEAN and operational management within the DSOs and other energy companies. Secondly we have per April 1 on board a new consultant coming from Accenture - Herman Karper, strengthening our practice for the Financial Services sector.

Past month we have been glad to be able to support our new client Total Gas & Power in the Netherlands in some of their go-to-market activities.

I wish all of you pleasant reading of this quarter (Q2) articles, one related to LEAN and operational management, one related to retail energy pricing (developments) and the last article on the difficult situation for utilities with (too) much production capacity.

And above all I wish you good summer holidays!

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