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Press Release: 2015 issue of "Gas in Focus"

The 2015 issue of Gas in Focus has just been published. This gas observatory, born out of the partnership between GRTgaz and Sia Partners, consists of a collection of the main indicators that will help the user better understand gas market developments through five main subject areas: Infrastructure, Usage, Environment, Market and Supply.

The 2015 issue coincides with the updating of a dedicated website, www.gasinfocus.com, accessible from a tablet or smartphone, and the creation of new indicators:

  • 'Evolution scenarios of annual gas consumption in France',
  • 'Evolution of biogas production in France',
  • 'Map of NGV vehicles and stations in Europe'
  • 'Changes to anti-pollution standards applicable to heavy-goods vehicles and the positioning of NGV'.

A total of 40 indicators are presented in a brief, pedagogical and reliable manner. Under each subject area, there are several 'Focus' tabs that delve further into various subjects, three of which are animated: 'The LNG supply chain' (under Infrastructure), 'Natural gas in the home' (under Usage) and 'The 3rd Energy Package' (under Markets).

In 2012, GRTgaz and Sia Partners decided to join forces to create a reference tool in a turbulent energy world. Gas in Focus is aimed both at those who work in the sector and all stakeholders who wish to understand the energy market, particularly the gas market.

Press contacts:

Sia Partners - Charlotte de Lorgeril
+33 (0)6 24 73 18 34 - charlotte.delorgeril@sia-partners.com
GRTgaz - Claire Maindru
+33 (0)1 55 66 40 84 - claire.maindru@grtgaz.com - Twitter: @GRTgaz

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